Can You Get Compensation for Minor Car Accident Injuries?

Many people suffer significant injuries in a traffic accident. However, some are lucky and walk away with minor car accident injuries. These accident victims usually are in doubt whether they need to contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer. After all, they did not need a lot of medical care and their car was just a little damaged.

In reality, as we will explain in this article, these are some of the easiest cases to win. And irrespective of the severity of your injuries, you are entitled to receive financial compensation. This is more than just about money. The at-fault driver who got away with one crash with no consequences may cause a fatal accident in the future.

The reality is that no accident is truly minor. In many cases, it leads to complications which were not suspected at the beginning. And, no matter how small your physical car accident injuries may be, emotional trauma and recurrent nightmares may affect you for a long time. In this case, your Atlanta car accident lawyer will be able to negotiate compensation for non-economic damages.

Insurance Companies Usually Settle Claims for Minor Car Accident Injuries

You usually hear how insurance adjusters will fight your claim tooth and nail. This is true for larger claims. When it comes to paying tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, all insurance companies try to get car accident claims denied.

But if you suffered minor car accident injuries and your claim is in the range of thousands of dollars, then the adjuster will not put up a big fight. They will do their math, and realize that it would cost them a similar amount to fight your claim and pile up legal costs on top of everything else.

However, you can never be certain of a positive outcome if you decide to fight your battle on your own.

Why Is It Still Worthwhile Hiring an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer?

Trying to file a claim on your own is very much setting yourself to fail. Insurance companies are always on the lookout for claimants with no legal representation. They know that they can deny a perfectly valid claim with impunity. Why? The answer is: because you do not know how to defend your rights.

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An Atlanta car accident lawyer will check that:

1. Your Claim Contains All the Necessary Information

A minor error, such as failure to include a piece of information may get your claim denied. For example, you suffered a wrist sprain – together with whiplash, this is one of the most common minor car accident injuries. However, you fail to include the name of the doctor who diagnosed and treated you or the X-ray showing your injury.

Your Atlanta car accident lawyer will double check every document before submitting it. They will make sure that they contain every bit of required information, giving the insurance company no reason to return or reject your claim.

2. Your Actual Proportion of Fault Is Clearly Established

One of the easiest tactics for denying a car accident claim is stating that you were mostly at fault for your accident. It may appear petty to fight a small claim for minor car accident injuries in this way, but it does happen.

However, with an experienced lawyer by your side, this tactic won’t work. Looking at the police report and the evidence you managed to collect, your Atlanta car accident lawyer will be able to show clearly that the other driver bears most of the responsibility for your accident.

3. You Cannot Prove Your Damages

This is one of the instances when one bad decision can ruin a perfectly valid accident claim. Many people who suffer minor car accident injuries do not go to hospital for care and treatment.

It may appear as an unnecessary hassle and pointless expense, but the truth is that without a medical report, which can be dated and timed soon after the accident, you cannot prove your case. Besides, as your Atlanta car accident lawyer will tell you, you cannot be sure that you did not suffer severe injuries which are not visible and do not show symptoms immediately after the accident.

This is the case of internal bleeding, internal organ damage or even some mild forms of head and neck injuries. It is in your best interest to get seen by a doctor as soon as possible after the crash.

If a Claim Gets Denied, You Can Sue in the Small Claims Court

Whenever a claim gets denied, there are two legal options available: to appeal it or to sue. For small claims, your Atlanta car accident lawyer will try the appeal way. Usually, for minor car accident injuries and limited property damage, a lawyer will argue that you are still determined to win your compensation, in the small claims court if necessary.

In general, once they see that you are not giving up, insurance companies will settle your claim. Others have “standard denial” internal policy and they will continue to fight your claim. This is when your lawyer will instruct you to file your claim in the small claims court. This has many advantages over a civil court:

  • The process is simpler and faster
  • There are lower filing fees
  • The process is informal and less intimidating for plaintiffs.

No Claim Is Too Small for a Determined Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

At H Groves Law, we have one guiding principle: everyone deserves justice. It does not matter that you only suffered minor car accident injuries and a few dents in your car. You suffered economic damages, pain and suffering due to someone else’s negligence. This means that you have a case according to personal injury law.

So bring your case to an experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer to evaluate it and tell you how much you can recover. While you won’t be able to seek a large amount for pain and suffering, you are still entitled for this type of compensation, as well. If you were the victim in the car accident, you have a valid claim, so call us to schedule a free case review: 770-329-1868!