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If you or a person you know has been attacked and bitten by a dog in Atlanta, you are probably wondering what kind of legal recourse is available for dog bite victims in Atlanta. Dogs that become mean and uncontrollable often create dangerous situations and possess the power to cause harm.

Fortunately, you can seek justice for any injuries you sustain from being attacked by a dog with the help of an Atlanta dog bite lawyer. At H Groves Law, our personal injury lawyers offer you the legal representation you need to hold the responsible parties accountable.

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What are Your Options?

  •  You can pursue an insurance claim with the dog owner. Our skilled lawyers who specialized in dog bites will speak with the dog owner’s insurance company to negotiate a fair compensation.
  •  You can file a lawsuit against the dog owner in order to get a court to award financial damages for injuries sustained.

Whether you were scratched, tripped or bitten by a dog, you deserve justice as an innocent dog bite victim. Contact us today on (770) 329-1868 to talk to one of our experienced Atlanta dog bite attorneys.

What Should I do if I was bitten by a Dog?

You have several options if you have been bitten by somebody’s dog. First, you can pursue an insurance claim with the dog owner’s insurance company. Most homeowners’ insurance policies will cover dog bite claim that take place on an insured property, and some policies may also cover dog bite claims that take place off of the property if the dog is kept on the property or owned by the policyholder.

A dog bite lawyer can help you to deal with the insurance company. They will use their extensive experience and knowledge to negotiate a fair compensation.

Alternatively, you can file a lawsuit against the dog’s caretaker or owner for damages. Dog bite lawyers play a crucial role in such lawsuits since they know how to present the evidence most effectively, how to calculate damages and all the applicable state laws and regulations regarding dog bite injury lawsuits.

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Who do I Report a Dog Bite to in the State of Georgia?

If you have been bitten by a dog, it’s vital that you report the incident as soon as possible. The agency you report your dog bite to in the State of Georgia depends on the county in which the incidence occurred. Typically, a dog bite is reported to the county’s Animal Services or Animal Control center. An Animal Control officer will file a dog bite report and document the attack.

Alternatively, you can go to the local sheriff’s department or police precinct to file a dog bite report. The authorities will then proceed to contact Animal Control.

If you have been seriously injured by a dog, you should call 911 immediately so that you can get urgent medical attention. You can also call any other relevant emergency response numbers to report the incident. The operator will notify Animal Control Services of the incidence and send an officer to your location.

In Atlanta, most hospital emergency rooms will report your attack or dog bite to Animal Services.

Why Should I Hire An Atlanta Dog Bite Lawyer?

If you have been injured by a dog anywhere in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, a dog bite attorney can help you investigate your case, gather evidence and recover compensation for any injuries you sustained from the attack.

When you file a dog bite lawsuit, it’s crucial to know that in most of these cases, you are going to be dealing with the dog owner’s insurance company. These companies are corporate giants that are represented by dozens of lawyers and adjusters whose work is to lower your compensation in order to save the insurance company money.

When you hire an Atlanta dog bite lawyer from the H Groves Law Firm, you can be rest assured that your claim will be handled by a competent and experienced legal team. We have been dealing with such types of cases from all across Atlanta for many years.

To schedule a free case evaluation and legal consultation with a dog bite lawyer at H Groves Law, call (770) 329-1868 today!

Who is Responsible for Dog Bite Injuries?

The State of Georgia has laws that impose strict liability on dog owners, where the victim of a dog bite only has to prove that their injury was caused by the dog while they were in a location where they had a legal right to be.

Various negligence and dog bite statutes imply that the dog owner has a duty to protect other people from harm inflicted by their dog. This includes people in public places, workers on their property, and guests. Dog owners also have to follow local leash statutes and laws that establish liability for those who own a specific breed of dogs or dangerous animals.

Furthermore, in certain situations, people other than the owner of the dog may be help responsible for the injuries. For instance, landlords, property owners, caretakers (like dog sitters), or parents of a dog owning minor could be held liable for dog bite injuries.

What Type of Compensation can I expect in a Dog Bite Case?

As a victim, you can seek damages for the injuries you sustained from a dog attack in the form of economic and non-economic damages. Here is a breakdown of both types of compensation:


  • Loss of income
  • Travel expenses for treatment
  • Prescription medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Hospital costs, such as ICU and ER costs.
  • Doctor bills


  •  Scarring
  •  Dismemberment
  •  Disfiguring
  •  Loss of function of a limb
  •  Emotional anguish, such as depression, anxiety or PTSD
  •  Pain and suffering

The total cost of these damages when added up can be significant.

What Does Georgia State Law Say About Dog Bites?

Just like people, dogs are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty under Georgia State Law. This means that it is the responsibility of a dog bite victim to prove that the dog acted in a dangerous or vicious manner.

Georgia uses a modified one bite rule. A dog owner’s liability for any injuries inflicted by their dog is governed by a specific law that provides that the dog’s owner can be held liable for injuries (scratches, falls, bites, etc.) caused by the dog if the following factors are met:

  •  The dog bite victim did not do anything to provoke the attack.
  •  The dog’s owner recklessly managed the dog or let the dog roam freely without supervision.
  •  The dog is considered dangerous and vicious.

One of the most common tactics our dog bite lawyers use to establish whether a dog owner is liable for the victim’s injuries is by providing evidence that the dog was required by the county or city ordinance to be at heel or leashed, but that was not the case when the incidence occurred.

A dog about to bite someone

Statistics of Dog Bite Injuries

Over 4.5 million dog bites occur each year in the United States. In 2021, the State of Georgia was ranked in the top 15 U.S. states for dog bite insurance claims. This single statistic is enough proof that dogs bite injuries in Atlanta are not as rare as people assume them to be.

Are There Time Limits for Filing a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

Like any other personal injury lawsuit, dog bite lawsuits are subject to statutes of limitations that set strict deadlines for a dog bite victim to file a claim for their injuries. In Georgia, a victim of a dog bite or attack has 2 years from the date of the incidence to file a personal injury claim.

When the 2-year time limit that is provided under law elapses, it is almost impossible for a victim of a dog bite to receive compensation for the injuries they sustained during the attack.

While 2 years may seem like a lot of time to file a lawsuit, it’s crucial to talk to a lawyer who has experience dealing with dog bite claims as soon as possible. Establishing the facts and setting the foundation for a strong dog bite lawsuit does not take place overnight. Looking for a lawyer at the last minute can end up costing you greatly.

Call An Atlanta Dog Bite Lawyer Today From H Groves Law!

At H Groves Law, our dog bite lawyers have successfully handled hundreds of claims on behalf of dog bite victims, either through litigation or negotiations with the dog owner’s insurance company. We are well-versed in the laws created to safeguard the rights of dog bites victims in the state of Georgia and understand that acting expeditiously following an attack is crucial to safeguarding these rights.

A swift investigation can help prove liability for the bite and determine whether homeowner’s insurance coverage applies.

So, if you or a loved one has been attacked and bitten by a dog, it’s vital that you contact our law firm immediately so that we can begin the process of seeking justice on your behalf. We offer free, no-obligation case consultation so that you can learn how our Atlanta dog bite lawyers may be able to help.

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