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Truck accidents are more deadly due to the size, height, and weight of the truck, the strength and stiffness of the truck metal, and even the flammable or hazardous materials in the truck. A truck accident can, therefore, leave you with severe injuries and thousands of dollars in damages. You can even lose a loved one in a truck accident.

If you suffered serious injuries or lost a family member in a truck accident, you will need strong legal representation to receive compensation for your injuries and losses. It is not easy to handle a personal injury or wrongful death case involving a truck. We highly recommend working with an experienced and knowledgeable Athens truck accident attorney. Your lawyer will protect your legal rights.

The truck accident lawyers at H Groves Law are qualified and capable of handling personal injury or wrongful death cases involving large trucks. We have the expertise and resources to take on the insurance company. If you need to file a personal injury claim or wrongful death claim in Athens, GA, please contact us at (770) 329-1868 for a FREE case review.

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Truck Accident Statistics in Georgia

Unfortunately, truck accidents cause serious injuries and deaths in Georgia. The number of deaths in truck accidents decreased from 2006 to 2010. There were 232 fatalities in 2006. In 2010, the number declined to 153 fatalities. The fatality rate has remained relatively constant over the past decade.

What Should You Do After a Truck Accident?

If you are in a truck accident, you can suffer serious injuries. If you were seriously injured, you may not know what to do. The actions you take after a truck accident can have an impact on your case and even your health. Read on to learn what you should do after a truck accident:

Call 911

If you can still use your phone or tablet, you should call 911 immediately. If you, however, need to file an accident report, you must contact the non-emergency number of the local police department. You will need a police report to win your case.

Help Others

If you can still move, you should attend to the injured victims. It is best to move some of the injured victims out of the road. However, if they are seriously injured, do not move them. Moving them can cause more problems.

Exchange Info

You should exchange info with the truck driver and other drivers involved. If you can see the name of the truck company on the truck, you should write down the name. Remember to ask the driver for the name of their insurer.

Document the Scene

You should document the scene after an accident. If you have a camera or a phone, take photos and record videos of the scene. You will use the photos and videos to prove the severity of injuries and damages.

Speak with Witnesses

You should also speak with witnesses before they leave the accident scene. If your case goes to court, you will need credible witnesses. Your lawyer will meet and interview the witnesses on your behalf.

Seek Medical Attention

If you suffered minor injuries, you are more likely to believe you are fine. It can take several days or even weeks for some injuries to manifest. You should let a medical professional examine your personal injuries. Remember to store your medical record safely.

Contact an Attorney

You should contact a truck accident attorney immediately after your accident. If you do not believe you have a strong case, you should still talk to a lawyer. It is free to talk to a lawyer because they offer a free initial consultation.

If you want to know if you have a valid claim in Athens, GA, feel free to contact (770) 329-1868 to talk to our truck accident attorneys. We are ready to help you build a strong case. We will not let the insurance company take advantage of you or deny your claim.

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What are Georgia’s Laws Regarding Truck Accident Liability?

The truck company and insurance will attempt to blame you for the accident to avoid paying you the maximum compensation for your injuries and damages. Fortunately, the state of Georgia follows the modified comparative negligence. Therefore, you can recover damages if you were below 50% responsible for your truck accident.

How Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

It is time-consuming and expensive to seek compensation. If you do not have a strong legal representation, the insurance company will frustrate you and make it difficult to recover compensation.

Here is how an Athens truck accident attorney can help you:


Your truck accident attorney will investigate your truck accident to determine liability and fault. The lawyer gathers evidence to help you build a strong case.

Filing a Claim

Once your lawyer collects evidence and completes investigations, they can now file a claim on your behalf. You will never have to deal with the paperwork. Your lawyer will collect all the necessary documents.


Insurance companies hate paying claims. They hire the best lawyers to fight them. It is, therefore, much better to let an experienced and knowledgeable handle settlement negotiations.


If you cannot settle your case out of court, your lawyer will take your case to court. Lawyers are not afraid to represent their clients in front of a judge. You can trust your lawyer to help you win your case.

What Types of Compensation Can I Receive?

If you sustained injuries or lost a family member in a truck accident in Athens, GA, you can be eligible to recover compensation for your injuries and damages. Here are the types of damages you can recover:

Economic Damages

They are quantifiable damages. They cover monetary expenses and losses, such as property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, property loss, and many more.

Non-Economic Damages

They are not easy to quantify in monetary terms. They cover losses for pain and suffering, mental anguish, physical impairment, loss of consortium, loss of companionship, injury to reputation, and many more.

Punitive Damages

The court can award punitive damages if the responsible party was negligent and reckless. The court uses punitive damages to punish the responsible party and prevent them from repeating the same actions in the future.

What is the Worth of My Truck Accident Claim?

You will need to consider the severity of your personal injuries and damages to determine the value of your truck accident claim. It is best to consult an Athens truck accident attorney to help you determine the worth of your claim. Lawyers hire specialists to help them determine the value of their clients’ truck accident claims.

Is There a Deadline for Filing a Claim in Georgia?

Yes, there is a deadline for filing a truck accident claim in Georgia. This is called the statute of limitations. You have two years from the date of your truck accident to file your claim. If you do not file your claim within two years from the date of your accident, you may lose your right to seek compensation.

How is Fault in a Truck Accident Determined in Georgia?

All truck drivers owe pedestrians and other motorists a duty of care. So, if you need to prove fault in your truck accident, you will need to prove that the truck driver breached their duty of care. For example, if the truck driver did not follow traffic rules, then the truck driver can be held liable for your truck accident.

Can a Lawyer Prove the Truck Driver Was Negligent?

Yes, a truck accident lawyer can prove the truck driver was negligent. Your lawyer will, therefore, interview witnesses, examine the credentials of the truck driver, investigate the accident scene, collect evidence, review your medical reports and police reports, and even talk to specialists to prove the truck driver was negligent.

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Who Can be Held Liable?

It is not easy to prove liability in a truck accident because it usually involves several parties. Here are the parties that can be held liable for your truck accident:

Truck Driver

If the truck driver causes an accident due to their negligence, then they can be held liable. For example, if the truck driver ignores traffic rules, then they can be held liable.

Trucking Company

If the trucking company hires an inexperienced truck driver or knew about the negligent behavior of their truck driver, then they can be held liable.

Company Who Loaded the Truck

If the company loading the truck overloads or unevenly load the truck, then they can be held liable for the truck accident.

Vehicle or Parts Manufacturers

If a mechanical failure of the vehicle or parts causes a truck accident, then the manufacturer of the vehicle or parts can be held liable.

What Are the Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

Here are the most common causes of truck accidents:

Driver Fatigue – If the truck driver drives the truck without resting, they are more likely to cause an accident on the road.
Distracted Driving – If the truck driver drives while texting or talking on the phone, then they cannot focus on the road. They can, therefore, cause an accident.
Reckless Driving – If the truck driver is reckless, they can cause an accident.
Drug Use – Drugs can impair the judgment of a truck driver. If the judgment of the truck driver is impaired, they are more likely to cause an accident.
Improperly Secured or Oversized Load – If the truck driver transports an improperly secured or oversized load, then it can be difficult to maneuver their truck.
Lack of Truck Maintenance – It is the duty of the trucking to maintain their truck. Poor truck maintenance can lead to truck accidents.
Equipment Malfunction – If equipment malfunctions, the truck driver can lose control of the truck.
Poor Road Conditions – In some cases, a truck accident can occur due to poor road conditions.

Contact H Groves Law to Protect Your Rights

A truck accident is usually catastrophic. It can leave you with severe injuries and significant amounts of damage. It is, however, challenging to seek compensation for your personal injuries and damages. It is best to contact a lawyer after a truck accident. The lawyer can better your chances of getting what you rightfully deserve.

The insurance company of the truck driver or trucking company might not agree to settle your case out of your court. You will, therefore, need to take your case to court. If you have never represented yourself in front of a judge, we do not encourage you to represent yourself. In our opinion, it is best to speak with an Athens truck accident lawyer.

At H Groves Law in Athens, GA, we understand the impact of truck accidents. We know truck accident cases are technical and complex. We will protect your rights and help you recover maximum compensation for your injuries and damages. Our knowledgeable, experienced, and skillful truck accident lawyer will fight for you.

Call H Groves Law today at (770) 329-1868 for a FREE consultation.

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